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How to Get Your Kids Excited about their Oral Hygiene

Let’s face it, not all of us are thrilled about going to the dentist. Just think of how time-consuming it is for us to go to the dentist and how scary it can be for kids. Kids often grow up with parents who avoid the dentist or who have been fearful themselves of going. Because of this, you might have a child who is either scared to go to the dentist or flat-outfights whenever it’s time to go to their appointment. However, there are ways to make going to the dentist and keeping their teeth healthy as fun as exciting as possible.

Get Into a Routine

As soon as possible, get your kids into a good oral hygiene routine. This includes not only having them brush and floss their teeth twice a day but getting them to the dentist’s office twice a year. It’s recommended that as soon as your baby gets his or her first tooth that you bring them to the dentist. If you still haven’t taken them and it’s been a couple years since they’ve gotten their teeth, it’s never too late to start this custom.

Make it Fun to Maintain a Healthy Smile

The more fun you make brushing and flossing their teeth, the more likely your kids will do it regularly. The same can be said about going to the dentist. Make their dental trip all about the stickers and fun things that are there rather than what could go wrong or what will need to be done. However, it’s never a good idea to hide anything when your child is visiting the dentist because not only will they resent you for hiding something from them, but they will develop a fear of the dentist.

Visiting a Special Pediatric Dentist

Whether you have a toddler, child or teenager, visiting a specialty pediatric dentist is the best way to keep their appointments light, fun and exciting. You can find a local children’s dental care specialist Burnsville MN professional who will gladly schedule an appointment for your child. Pediatric dental offices are geared specifically for kids, so they’ll often have toys and games in the waiting room and rooms that kids go into that are themed with their favorite characters and cartoons.

Teach Important Eating Habits

Along with brushing and flossing, a good way to keep a healthy smile is what you eat and drink. Early on, you should teach your kids what foods help and what foods hurt their teeth. There are lots of books, programs and short movies out there that have been made specifically to teach kids what they need to do to have a beautiful and bright smile. Part of helping your child with this is providing them with the foods and drinks they need to maintain healthy teeth. Limit sugary candy and soda and provide them with fruits, vegetables and lots of water. You might be surprised that the healthier foods and drinks you provide your child, the more they reach for them now and later on in life.

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